UCLU Music Society



Matthias Olson

Contact: president@uclumusic.co.uk
With the start of his 3rd year of obsessive Music Society membership, Matthias takes on the role as society President. Beginning only as one of the society’s critically endangered tenors, he has found the time to participate in the majority of its ensembles, witnessed many fabulous socials and developed an unhealthy interest for collecting sheet music. In his spare time he frequents multiple other choirs, and occasionally pursues a degree in Information Management for Business. Despite featuring in so many tenor sections, he greatly prefers to perform as a counter-tenor. His favourite orchestral instrument is apparently a pair of cymbals and his drink of choice is an expensive G&T.
Calum Barnett

Contact: treasurer@uclumusic.co.uk
Calum took up music aged 7, initially on percussion and piano, and later on saxophone, playing with almost every youth ensemble throughout his time at school. He currently plays in the Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra at UCL and will be beginning his third year on the Music Society Committee, having previously been Concert Band Manager and Publicity Officer. Beyond Music Society, Calum is going into his final year of a degree in Maths with Modern Languages.
Zahra Tengra
Vice President

Zahra has been singing and tinkering around on the piano from a young age, and hasn’t stopped since. Her love of classical and choral singing started early in secondary school and proceeded to occupy most of her time when she definitely should have been doing her schoolwork. She is about to enter her third year of studying History and it appears that nothing has changed, spending a significant amount of her time in Symphony Chorus, A Cappella and other small ensembles, almost to the detriment of her degree. This will be her second year on the music committee, previously having been the volunteer officer, and she is very much looking forward to being more involved in the running of the society.
Florentina Harris
Opera Manager

Contact: producer@ucopera.co.uk
Her musical stardom started at the age of 2 when she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to herself at her own birthday party! Since then Florentina has never stopped singing. She loves the music society, having been on committee for 2 years already. She is extremely excited to manage UCOpera, which has formed some of her favourite memories at UCL. Having spent a year in France studying and working, she not only feels French but also has become more assertive… (in a good way!) Her favourite phrase: “You know jolly well that you should…”. She will take on this role with dedication and can’t wait to enter through the door for that first symphony chorus rehearsal!
Amelia Horne
Concert Band Manager

Amelia’s term as Concert Band Manager begins in her fourth year as a UCL Medic, when she will finally be let loose in a hospital (don’t get ill any time soon!). She has been in concert band for three years as a trumpet player, but this will be her first year as both a Manager and Committee member. Music has always been a huge part of her life, and she has an uncanny memory for song lyrics, dutifully demonstrated each morning by singing in the shower (her flatmates bought earplugs). In her free time, she does yoga, runs (ahem), and battles her Yorkshire tea addiction.
Jason Chan
Chamber Choir Manager

Jason started singing in his school’s choirs at fourteen and in a madrigal ensemble the following year. As a second-year Philosophy student, he has just enough time to also keep playing the piano and guitar. Jason likes music of most genres and is appreciating Nina Simone’s album Live in Paris at the time of writing. He is also curiously fascinated with 19th century Russian literature.
Frances Breeveld
Chorus Manager

Frances has loved singing ever since her grandmother dragged her to a village choir aged 7. She still claims her best decision at university was joining Symphony Chorus. Much to her surprise, she found herself part of the opera in her first year (never having even listened to an one before) and had the most amazing time. Second year, much to her surprise again, she found herself Assistant Opera Manager which instilled a new love of buying biscuits, photocopying music and running around London finding with random props! Her love of everyone and everything Music Society has led her to culminate her chorus career as Chorus Manager in her final year studying History of Art. She is really looking forward to it!
James Lovering
Chorus Manager

James first took up music aged seven on the piano and violin, and enthusiastically involved himself in as many school ensembles as possible, also finding time to be a choirboy at Croydon Minster. As a keen chorus member last year and participant in the opera, James is really looking forward to helping manage the group, with this being his first year on the committee. He is currently in the second year of his Classics degree.
Klára Kepková
A Cappella Manager

Klara is a human being (nothing but mammal). In the interest of stating the blindingly obvious: Music is great. Singing is fun. Klara enjoys singing. She has sung in a choir for as long as she can remember, but even before she joined her first choir, she was learning to play the piano. The beginnings were a hard day’s night; Klara trained so hard she broke her collar bone whilst playing the piano at the frail age of 3. And still she thought ‘never gonna give you up’. Then uni came, and Klara moved to London for the love of Law and French Law, leaving her beloved piano back in Prague. All the more time for singing and FUN A CAPPELLA (and also maybe her final year)!
Mary Clayton-Kastenholz
A Cappella Manager

Mary (also Mammal), has a long history in music, as we all do. She has been singing longer than she can remember (for more details ask parents). In high school (Williamsburg, Virginia, US) she sang as part of several in-school ensembles, and several out of school ensembles in which she was able to perform inspiring masterworks whilst lowering the average age of the groups significantly. In her final year of high school, she was the student director of 3 groups. At UCL she is going into her third year in History. In her past two years she has sung with a number of ensembles, including the Choir of St. Martin in the Fields, the Bach Choir, and UCL’s Symphony Chorus, Chamber Choir, and A Cappella, and she currently intends to continue with them all. As A Cappella manager, she will be adopting the mantra that music is instrumental, but it doesn’t need to be instrumental music.

Orchestra Manager

This position is currently vacant.
Emily Hood
Volunteering Coordinator

Emily has been singing as long as she can remember; from composing Spice-Girl style songs with her sisters for patient family audiences, to stepping into roles such as Fantine “Les Miserables” and YumYum “The Mikado” in school productions. Before University, Emily spent a year working as a Music and Performing Arts Technician in a Secondary school, organising productions and encouraging younger students to step into the spotlight. The highlight of her week was always her singing lessons, but now it’s singing with UCLU Music Soc. Emily has loved being a member of Chamber, Acapella Choir and Chorus since starting UCL, and is now thrilled to be serving on the committee. When Emily isn’t singing she can be found in the depths of the Classics library, struggling with subjunctives and Socrates!
Anna Monks
Publicity Officer

After promising herself not to repeat the same mistakes made during her school days of joining every musical activity she could, Anna somehow found herself as part of symphony orchestra, chorus and a cappella last year. After taking piano and singing lessons from an early age Anna was persuaded to begin the viola as well, advertised to her as a ‘cool cross between a cello and a violin’. This year she is delighted to begin helping in the running of the society as well as taking part and is excited to finally find a use for her History of Art degree design skills.
William Quinn
Social Secretary

Contact: social@uclumusic.co.uk
Please don’t judge me by any first impressions that I may have already given, or am just about to give you. If you have met me already, I am awfully sorry. The answer to the question, “Is he always like that?”, is a certain YES. If I’m not singing my head off or getting everyone shots in Mullys, I’m ALWAYS going bananas (Those who don’t know what that means – You’ll soon find out). My repertoire spans from Handel’s Messiah to Phantom of the Opera and even to rock screaming some Iron Maiden. This leads to nothing but a state of perpetual fear… If you can’t see me, you’ll definitely hear me. Hopefully it isn’t as bad a sound as I make it out to be but you’ll be the ones to judge that. The only thing you need to know about me that I can write on any website is, like everyone in our society, that I love music. Anything else about me is a detail you’ll only be privileged to find out if you join our fine established cult and buy me a pint. Not a bad cult. A cult where we worship little dots and squiggles on a series of lines on a page. No initiations. No rituals. Just immense fun with a load of people who are interested in the same thing. To any potential new members I say this: come along and join in with everything that we are doing. We are friendly and very welcoming with a hint of insanity. If I haven’t already put you off enough I’ll just say one final thing, DON’T. ASK. ABOUT. THE LAMP.